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Does every bishounen look exactly the same to you? Tired of trying to figure out which pretty guy from HoneySyn you're looking at? Here's a guide to de-sparkle and de-bubble the pretties for you.

Distinguishing trait: The fact that he's the first one to have internal dialogue, therefore, the main character. Seriously.

Info: A not-so-emo high school smart-ass bordering on dumb-ass. He's fairly intelligent and witty and gets into a lot of trouble because of it, such as getting sucker-punched in the face by Josh, a fellow classmate jock and Metis' new project partner. Now Metis just has to make it through the project without killing himself, or letting Josh finish the job. Dislikes jocks, not quite as smart as he looks.

High School Stereotype: Emo
Music: Death Cab for Cutie, Metric
Videogames: Devil May Cry 1 and 3, Guilty Gear XX, Metal Gear Solid
Likes: 2D fighting games, FPS games, Cable and Deadpool, eating ice cream and fries (at the same time), warm milkshake, juice boxes, epic fantasies.
Dislikes: Jocks, being labelled "emo"
Dirty Little Secret: Shops at Hot Topic sometimes.

Distinguishing trait: The first person May talks to who doesn't punch him in the face.

Info: May's best friend and the calmer of the two. Also a smart-ass but smart enough not to get in trouble for it. He's always hanging around either May or Jay and despite the fact that he'd make cracks about May at every possible opportunity, he's surprisingly protective of his friends. Thus, he's a bit wary of Josh at first. After all, the only person who's allowed to talk shit about his friends is him.

High School Stereotype: Misfit?
Music: None, he listens to whatever other people send him
Videogames: Civilization III, Age of Empires
Likes: Being a smartass, PC strategy games, Neil Gaiman
Dislikes: People who hurt his friends (other than himself), Paris Hilton
Dirty Little Secret: He doesn't actually like Good Omens.

Distinguishing trait: The fact that he's probably the only character to have had his hair cut in the last year.

Info: The jock. The fairly intelligent jock. The fairly intelligent jock who turns out to be somewhat concerned and considerate. A.K.A. an endangered species. Especially considering he is now the accident-prone Metis' new project partner. Hopefully he'll make it through Metis' sarcastic wit, falling bookcases, and a class project to survive the semester. Hopefully. He may be putting that toned jock bod of his to work. Hopefully.

High School Stereotype: Jock
Music: Akon, Pitbull, Snoop Dog
Videogames: Halo, Counterstrike
Likes: Football, Mike and Ike's jellybeans
Dislikes: Whipped cream, hangovers
Dirty Little Secret: Listens to Avril Lavigne sometimes. He has the lyrics to "My Happy Ending" memorized.

Distinguishing trait: the dude with the really bishounen hair. He dyes the front by the second time he makes an appearance.

Info: Jay a good friend of May's, and Charles' project partner. Cheerful and easygoing, he has his own group of friends, although still enjoys hanging out with May. He feels reserved towards Charles, but homework is homework, so he has to work on the project with him.

High School Stereotype: Scene kid
Music: Ima Robot, The Unicorns, Electric Six.
Likes: CSI reruns, Loreal shampoo, thriller movies
Dislikes: Split ends, the way his sister leaves her "feminine hygiene products" out in the open
Dirty Little Secret: He likes CSI: Miami almost as much as the original.


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